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The MIX Line

In this article we tell you about our Mixes and their compositions

05 June 2020

BASE MIX "50/50"

The basic mix of the range, of simple formulation but with ingredients of the highest quality.

A mix that unlike its peers (so to speak) on the market, has unparalleled nutritional and digestive qualities all combined with a taste all its own that meets from the first hours of immersion in the water the interest of carp.

A mix that is excellent in all fishing situations and that adapts to many flavor combinations.

Absolutely a must try.


A birdfood mix formulated, however, with raw materials of the highest quality with special attention devoted to the choice of milk, an often underestimated ingredient .

Basic mix supplemented with a variety of birdfeeders chosen after careful research each for a specific purpose.

High carbohydrate value enriched with special milk proteins and very little fat. all supplemented with vitamins essential for proper assimilation.

Baits formulated with this mix can be used year-round in any fishing condition.


BIRDFISH as many people know combines the nutritional properties of fishmeal with the gustatory and digestive qualities of birdfeed.

This mix is formulated with the best fishmeal on the market today and the best birdfoods.

All perfectly balanced and supplemented with our GLM extract also of unquestionable quality.

A mix that goes well with fruity, fish flavors and pure additives in both powder and liquid form .

A product that won't be long in providing excitement and satisfaction .


A type of mix appreciated by many fishermen who are frequent visitors to rivers and canals.A mixture of fish flours with unique nutritional qualities combined with the digestive qualities of spices and robin red.

The baits produced with this mix in synergy with the liquid "D-RED" have been tested in different types of running and non-running waters proving to be true carp hunters even in conditions of apathy on the part of our finny friends...a must try.


A very complex mix... a mix that from the first tests proved to be a bait of selection and not of numbers.

In fishing tests it has proved to have real size-selection qualities but only with prior baiting.

A very unique bait to be used even where common baits prove useless due to heavy fishing pressure.


In the line there certainly could not be a spice mix missing, but here we are talking about a product far superior to the current ones on the market.

This is a balanced mixture of different bird mash, robin red of course original haits , concentrated milk protein and a mixture of hand-prepared spices.

In more than ten years this mix has been tested and revisited several times in order to obtain its final formulation.

Obviously excellent when used in synergy with the "mistery spice" flavor, but also to be tried with the "Classic Scopex "flavor to give life to an exceptional spice cream mixture.


Mix birdfood that incorporates as many as 6 different types of birdfeeders and several natural fruit extracts.

A mix with a very sweet fruity taste and without any aftertaste, an alternative to the classic yellow-sunny birdfood that can be used all year round with fruity flavors.

P.s.: when formulating baits with this mix you need a lower dose of sweetener precisely because it is formulated with sweet extracts derived from fruit processing.

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