Birdfood Dry


Self-made makes you a 100 percent player in fishing: it allows you to make something of your own, learn about various compositions, and experiment with ever-changing mixes and ingredients. It is not a simple world, but as with anything, all it takes is a little practice. First-time anglers approaching the world of self-made, are often advised to start with simple bait formulations, such as mix bases or 50/50mixes, so that they can learn the technique and get to know the world of self-made baits. When you become more familiar with mixes, you can start experimenting with slightly more complex and special formulas such asbirdfood mixes.

The birdfood mixes are balanced foods since they contain carbohydrates and vitamins.

They are composed mainly of vegetable flours, such as corn or soybean, and a portion of mash suitable for feeding birds. Their graininess is an important characteristic as it helps to give the baits a spongy effect.


There are a plethora of pastes on the market, the most sought-after of which include: the Sweet Baked, which can be dry or soft, or the classics of British origin such as Robin Red, Red Factor or Nectarblend.

There are four categories of mash: soft, dry with a sweet taste, spicy, and complex mixtures made from insects and dried fruits.

The soft mash is an egg food that contains a slightly higher percentage of lipids than the dry mash. The main difference of soft mash, or birdfood soft, from dry mash, or birdfood dry, is mainly the texture: soft versions are often supplemented with honey and/or vegetable or animal fats. For some applications they are more palatable than dry mash, but they are also fatter, less protein and less stable.

Spiced birdfoods are mainly used for carp fishing. The spices used in this type of birdfood can vary: paprika, chili pepper, and Robin Red are particularly valued over other spices for their attractive properties.

The insects and dried fruit contained within the mash emit odors and flavors that are extremely attractive to various types of fish. They are a very interesting type of bait because they offer a dietary variation from the food that fish usually find in their habitat, plus this type of mix keeps for very long periods of time compared to other mash.

In general, the effectiveness of batters can vary depending on the type of fish you want to catch and the fishing conditions: it is always advisable to experiment with different baits to find the most effective one for your needs.


From a practical point of view, for making a birdfood mix you can use a 50/50 mix combined with a sweet or spicy savory mash with varying percentages between 35-45%. To make a sweetbirdfood mix you can use Sweet oven dry or Yellow Biskò: these are similar products and using one or the other will not significantly affect the quality of the final bait.

To create a mix of more than one mash, it is recommended not to mix together products that are too similar, but it is preferable to use mash with different characteristicsbetween them, for example:

  • The Sweet Oven Dry can be mixed with the Raff Red or Raff Yellow with the addition of a little Nectarblend. An overall percentage of between 40-45% of the mixture should be maintained.
  • Red Factor can be mixed with Robin Red to create a spicybirdfood mix, in addition to these two ingredients other dry mash or spiced flours can be added.

These are just two examples of mash combinations but the possibilities are really unlimited: you can really indulge yourself and do a lot of varied experiments, the important thing is to know in principle the products that will be mixed together.

In conclusion, a birdfood mix has very different nutritional characteristics than a simple 50/50 mix, moreover it offers more guarantees of success both for quick sessions and for long lasting mash campaigns. We at Molino Zombini are at your complete disposal: if you have any doubts, we will help you compose the perfect mix according to your needs.

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