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Corn steep liquor

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Wheat liquor, rich in amino acids, sugars and vitamins, totally water-soluble and highly digestible.

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The Corn Steep Liquor, è the result of the process of steeping corn, from which a liquid rich in enzymes derived from both the corn and the yeasts that caused fermentation is obtained.

CSL è has become one of the most successful liquid additives in recent years.It has a dark color similar to chocolate brown and the characteristic of being slightly bittersweet, with a beer-like aroma and yeasty flavor.It's a product rich in amino acids, sugars and vitamins, è totally soluble in water and highly digestible.

TheCorn steep liquor has a protein value of 51%, è almost fat-free (0.5%) and has a PH of 4.0.

It has been found that CSL accelerates the dehydration of frozen baits, making themincredibly attractive, but at the same time more sensitive to high temperatures. If we useCorn steep liquorwe must therefore try not to expose frozen baits to prolonged heat, especially during longer fishing sessions.

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One of the earliest additives employed in carp fishing , from the earliest years it has proven its effectiveness both as a supplement for making finished baits and as an additive for soaking baits in general.

In general it is composed of 50% water , the remaining 50% from soluble proteins , amino acids , vitamins ,minerals , invert sugarsand organic acids from fermentation.

Manufactured by various companies and in several versions depending on the purpose, it is a product from fermentationecerealicolaesso it is used for the production of bioethanol , distillates and some yeasts.

It is utilizzatonel in the feed industry in generalas a integrator and appetizer marketed in the fishing industry at reasonable prices.

We can find it in two versions the first one with light brown or yellow ochre color with medium density , rather acid taste and low ph value, the second one with dark brown color with variable density ,sweetish molasses-like taste with higher ph value , both versions are very palatable towards our finfish friends but should be used according to their characteristics to make different baits.

His strong point is definitely the yield/cost ratio, in fact we are talking about a very versatile additive with excellent taste and attractiveness capabilities available on the market at reasonable prices.

For the realization of boilies we can insert it with dosage from 30 to 60 ml pro kg of dry mix.

Here is a really performing recipe

-1000gr of 50/50 mix

- 40ml of wheat liquor (light brown "sour" version)

- 10gr of betaine HCL

- 8ml of fermented corn flavor

- 6ml of NHDC synergy

- 8gr of fine salt .

- eggs

Here instead is a recipe below to try in the cold season as a gentle soak for kneading method/stick mix or for dipping pellets and grains .

- 200ml corn steep liquor

- 100ml liquid betaine

- 10ml nhdc sinergy

- 30gr fine salt

- 300ml bottle water heated not to 100°

mix and let stand at least 24 hours then employ the mixture to dipping or kneading method/stick the day before the session at temperature not below 15° and let stand . This little trick will give your mixtures excellent cohesion and once in the fishery the results will not fail.

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