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Wheat Germ

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Germ treated in this way is a good binder and is rich in minerals, sugars and vitamins.

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The germ soì treated è a good binder, è rich in minerals, sugars and vitamins that in spring and autumn carp have a hard time finding; in spring on preventive baiting it has an extra gear; This flour è also rich in the best vitamin E, which in an organism performs multiple functions: from antioxidant, on enzyme metabolism, etc. .. very digestible and likes a lot.Recommended dose 15/30%.

Warning: this product è suitable only and exclusively for sport fishing, not suitable for human use.




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This particular ingredient is beginning to be used in carpfishing because it is widely used in koi carp farms precisely because of its high nutritional qualities. They range from 28/33% protein (depending on the batch) fat around 8/10% and fiber 10/13%.

So we are talking about a flour of vegetable origin with a medium-high protein value , a low level of fat and a good level of fiber . these values make it an excellent protein supplement and at the same time with good digestive properties precisely because of the fiber it contains. Alas, its peculiar flaky shape and the presence difibre also make it a tad difficult to handle.

Fibers have the characteristic of absorbing water so excellent for regulating water exchange in a mix, however, it is a flour that suffers from moisture and in the long run tends to become irracid. Better therefore use it in winter and early spring taking care to use it shortly after its purchase for finished bait production.

Rich in tocopherol therefore in vitamins E but also of the B group and turns out to be an excellent antioxidant that promotes enzyme metabolism. Very valuable ally in the preparation of spring baits but also for long pastures . Beware of overdosing because it tends to make the bait swell slightly , so it is best to stick to a percentage ranging from 10 to 15% . Those who use it regularly tend to have it ground together with the semolina in the relative percentagesfor the subsequent preparation of the mix.

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