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Spring and quick sessions with the "method"

09 April 2021

The fast session in Carpfishing

Spring is here. The beautiful season and the first sunny days entice most anglers to once again frequent the banks of some waterway to try their hand at their passion.

More and more are trying to organize more and more hit-and-run fishing trips...whether it is because we are all always in a hurry or that we lack the incentive to prepare a new fishing spot at the beginning.

Carpfishing is not only about two- or multi-day sessions but also well-organized fishing trips of a few hours.

If you know a body of water well, to get results in a short time, simply get yourself in fishing at the right time with the proper presentation of a bait, without necessarily having to organize lengthy prior baiting.

To do this, as mentioned before, just keep an eye on a spot and organize at home as best you can so as not to waste valuable time at the fishing spot afterwards.

To continue to cultivate my passion despite multiple work and family commitments, several years ago, I specialized in this type of quick sessions by organizing a few-hour fishing trips in the evening after work or half-day day trips.


I started with traditional approaches such as sinking triggers, pop ups and cairns. Later, I began to use pva bags and various stringers, with fair results, and it was clear that a small lure near the trigger gave more rapid entry into the fishery.

At that time, the various companies in the industry were beginning to promote the pasture or method sinkers.Inevitably I was fascinated by this technique that promised to attract carp very quickly on our triggers and, at the same time, gave us the possibility of throwing them at good distances.

It was exactly what I was looking for at that moment: the possibility of having on my bait a constant and fast release of the attractors that also gave me a guarantee of the latter's camouflage.

Initially, I bought the most renowned baits in angling such as the infamous Carp3000 from the French company Sensas, others from Van Den Eynde, and some famous ones from Tubertini.

Later on, I opted for method produced by companies in the carpfishing industry such as Nutrabaits, Antiche pasture... with which I made several catches.

The bait for Method fishing

The bait for Method fishing

Curiosity and the desire to understand led me to buy a few books dedicated to pastures and the raw materials to make them. I began to study and try my hand at creating my own mixtures, starting with simple ones and working my way up to the more complex and ingredient-rich ones that I have been successfully using now for more than a decade.

From there, fishing with the method feeder became a variant of the old ledgering, new companies were born, other existing ones specialized and many carpers approached this specialty.

The bait for Method fishing

Turning back to carpfishing with the method technique as far as conducting fishing is concerned, only practice has led me to understand some of its dynamics by recognizing where and when to use it, knowing its merits and flaws.Let's see some of them.

The Merits of Method Fishing

  • Guaranteed attraction near the controlled action bait: if you know how a bait works in the water (bottom, mid-water and surface), you can choose it according to the waterway where we are going to use it (high, medium, shallow).
  • With adequate rods you can reach important distances: against the flaking of the ball of bait when colliding on the water, the use of a mixture of starches that will bind the mixture more on the lead can help us. Excellent and practical is the cooked rice in jars that can be purchased in supermarkets.
  • Today, thanks to accessories such as rod catapults and really high-performance slingshots, it is also possible to bait at important distances.
  • The bait can contain within it different baits such as grits, pellets and boilies whole and chopped.
  • It is a technique that allows you to make several catches in a short time if the body of water is rich in fish.
The Merits of Method Fishing

Flaws of Method fishing

  • It is a technique that relies on a very high level of lure and where disturbance fish are present it can be counterproductive.
  • It is a technique that should not be practiced in shallow bodies of water if you are contreted to make long casts because the baiting has an initial phase of disturbing the fishing spot anyway.
  • It is a technique that does not allow size selection.

Combinations and tastes for the Method

Organizing a session, even if it is only a few hours long, always starts from home, and when I have the chance I prefer to prepare my dough the night before. This is because a few hours later the dough will surely perform better. Preparation is very simple: in a large bucket I pour some bottled water then add some cooked grains and some attractants.

In the market there are now for all tastes but I think it is important as with boilies to choose a combination that enhances a certain flavor/taste profile and if I decide to fish with boilies of a fruity type taste, I will definitely use a mixture to enhance the latter.

So as I said, I add both liquid and powdered attractants.Here are some universal combinations:

  • Sweet Base: Corn steep liquor and/or molasses, liquid or powdered betaine, nhdc, a pinch of salt.
  • FISH BASE: Fish protein liquid, robin red liquid, liquid betaine, salt
  • SPIRED SHRIMP BASE: Belacham liquid extract, robin red liquid, garlic oil, a pinch of salt.
  • SPIRED LEAF: Liver-spice liquid, robin red liquid, salt and powdered spice mixture in minimum dosage.

The preparation of the pasture

Having chosen and prepared the liquid mixture, I add little by little the solid components such as boilies ,pellets and the flour mixing everything by hand.

The dough will rest overnight. The next morning, having arrived at the fishing spot, it will be necessary to remix with a little water and immediately prepare a few balls of bait to start attracting fish to the chosen spots.

Since baiting has an initial disturbance phase, it is necessary to create a small bed of bait right away and then leave the spot quiet so as to give time for the fish to return.

In the meantime, we will devote ourselves to the preparation of the primers, if we have not already done so at home. At this stage, we can indulge ourselves because the choices are many and also vary from the fishing spot: bolies, dumbel,grits,perforated and unperforated pellets.

The lead bait must not be missing, nowadays there are on the market of all sizes and shapes and almost all of them with "in-line" type mounting. In addition, some, have the characteristic of having the main zaborra shifted with respect to the axis. This feature improves self-referral and ensures primer presentation. To do this, when covering the lead with the bait, we will necessarily have to place the primer on the side opposite to the zaborra; by doing so when sinking to the bottom, we will have the primer definitely facing upward.


Entered into fishing, from time to time, it will be necessary to refresh the baiting by throwing a few balls of bait possibly not too large in size so as not to cause too much disturbance to the now active spot.

In conclusion I believe that this fishing technique is really profitable in terms of catches. I have been using it for years and I would highly recommend it to those who want to cultivate this passion but are always short on time.

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