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The new year and carpfishing

01 February 2021

New year ... a new fishing season just around the corner ..

Another year has passed and the lucky ones at this time of "downtime" are contemplating some of the splendid catches made in the season just past, because needless to deny it in the first months of the year not everyone likes to frequent rivers or lakes. All this, partly because unfortunately the temperature has dropped and our friends are mostly in a sort of metabolic hibernation.

Some anglers take up stream fishing, where carp remain in activity albeit limited, but those like me who already have several winter sessions behind them prefer to leave their rods at rest for a month or two and stop and reflect on the results achieved in the last few fisheries.

Obviously, it's not always a party, and when something doesn't work, I personally like to retrace my steps and try to understand the reasons why a session didn't go as it should. The incorrect choice of a fishing spot, a sudden change in weather conditions or even taking the wrong approach in fishing.. These are some of the most common reasons.

This "analysis phase" will serve me for the upcoming season, to try not to repeat the same mistakes and to plan the year better.

I think I am not the only one who experiences it this way and the frequent confrontation with fishing friends in the winter time, also becomes an opportunity to catch up with long-time friends that I don't get to see often during the year maybe by organizing a dinner with them.

Sharing experiences with those who, like us, nurture this passion, enriches us inside by spurring each other on and giving us the opportunity to always be informed about the situation of waterways that we do not usually frequent.

Unfortunately, this is a particular year, of course I am referring to the Covid-19 pandemic that has physically removed us all thus giving way to the long group calls and video calls.

Personally in this period I am dedicated to three things in particular.



Armed with a calendar, I sketch out a schedule for the new season, choosing itineraries according to the period. I christen the first sessions for late February. Usually nothing strenuous because the winter season is still in its prime and I choose a few quick sessions in the river with small preventive baitings, or, I do not disdain a session with friends in some sport fishing lake.

In March and April my focus remains on running water, when possible depending on rainfall, and then move in late April to small quarries, not too deep, where the water begins to warm earlier.

May: We are in the heart of the season and any stream will respond well so I often keep it to set up a session in a new environment where at least the season will be on my side.


June: spawning period. Carp often have other thoughts and will not give too much importance to our baits.

If I really decide to go fishing I know very well that I might run into some cappotto then I choose shallow places where the spawning will probably already be over. Alternative for June and, great context for July, are the canals or reclamations where we can often engage in amur fishing.

August: the heat will be our greatest enemy. If I can combine vacation, family and fishing I will decide on some comfortable environment or at altitudes above 600-700 mt where, temperatures, will certainly be more pleasant for us.

Septemberand October are perhaps the most profitable months for carp fishing. It is a good rule, therefore, to try my luck in some large reservoir thanks in part to the season, which, being on our side, allows me to organize sessions in places never frequented, perhaps in the company of friends who know them better.

November and December: I often return to closer to home. I arrange for sessions in familiar places, in which I have already started a campaign of long pasturing since October, such as small rivers or quarries.


The second relates instead to the organization of fishing sessions. I spend my time studying some new bait to add to my recipe book. A good self-maker never stands still and is never satisfied. One is constantly on the lookout for some new ingredient to improve one's recipes or simply ready for a critical analysis of them, even if they are established over time. These are the stimuli needed to boost our self-confidence.

Hands to the cookbook then, also because, depending on the sessions and the relative seasons we will face, we will have to choose which baits to prepare or buy.

I will need a pen and paper to make a shopping list and then go to my trusted supplier and make purchases.


I make room for making my own baits, storing them, and arranging my fishing equipment because you don't go to war without having a well-maintained rifle loaded with ammunition.

Surely a check of the reel spools is the first thing to do and then move on to the maintenance of the reels themselves, a cleaning of the rods and the preparation of some terminals and probably even mending the nets of the wades.

Everything is ready and organized, see you on the shores of some body of water.

Daniele Annovi, Molino Zombini team!

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