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Carpfishing in December: winter is here

This is it, the cold season is here and the first morning frosts are a clear sign of it, from here and for the next three months, the discipline of carpfishing is carried on only by the most daring.

01 November 2022

...More doubts, more questions swirling in our heads: where to go, how to fish? Better a fast daytime or a dry night? What lures to take with you?

Let's start from the assumption that carp is a very, very sensitive animal to the changing season: it begins to drastically slow down its activity when the water temperature drops below 8-9° and then stops when it drops to 6°.

To take away the first doubt i.e. where to go, well let's keep in mind that still water is the first place where carp anticipate their metabolic hibernation, if we want to call it that.

In quarries for example, carp begin to limit their movements by gathering in shoals while in flowing water they remain more active, it is no coincidence that many anglers in winter prefer river fishing.

If we decide to tackle a quarry, surely a scouting in the days leading up to the session will be mandatory.

In that case we should perforce try to spot some signs of fish presence, often if you know the quarry well, carp will be stationary in areas they frequent in the autumn months.

The early hours of the morning are undoubtedly the best for intercepting some sign of fish presence, although at this time they move in shoals it will still not be easy to spot them .

After finding them, it will be good to sound out the bottom and then perform a little localized baiting.

The quantities of boilies will certainly not have to be conspicuous, better of small diameter and perhaps accompanied by a mixture of grains and pellets, also of small diameter.

The size of the baits at this time of year has its importance, the carp may have already slowed down quite a bit in their activity and as a result they will have little desire to eat changing also their way of sucking food. So smaller boilies and balanced baits will be almost mandatory in order not to incur false eats and/or eventual underwhipping.


Now, however, more doubt: what approach to take?

Here the techniques to be used are many, some rely on a simple bare sinking bait as they have always done in other seasons; some flank it with a pva stringer; some enrich it with a small bag of pellets while others prefer water-soluble nets with stick mixes; some even

mount a method lead and use flours. The choice will undoubtedly be constrained by factors such as: fishing distance and the possibility of using a boat.

Last decision to make: which bait to use? In winter carpfishing certainly spice boilies are good allies . Yes, but why? Why does this type of bait do better than others in cold water?

The formulation of a bait suitable for the winter season differs a little bit from the others: the mix will undoubtedly have to have a nutritional value suitable for the dietary needs of our finfish friends, so it will have to be low in fat and medium to low in protein. A protein bait will risk satiating carp quickly, and preemptive baiting could even fill their bellies giving us a coat during the session.

This month we feel we owe it to you to give you some elucidation on our "X-Spice", our spicy mix developed over the years that packs medium nutritional value, low fat content, good water exchange, excellent digestibility and a slightly sweet spicy taste.

A blend of basic flours, one part of which is hydrolyzed enriched with selected birdfoods, placed side by side with a good spray milk from the medium protein value and low fat content, which also gives us excellent flavor. A blend of spices and to top it off, the infamous original Haith's Robin Red go to make up a product that has been tested and revisited several times over the years to arrive at its final formulation.

Below is a recipe we have been using for years where the full potential of this product is exploited:

  • X-Spice mix 1000gr: a mix of medium nutritional value with good grain size, few well-balanced fats, excellent digestive and gustatory properties.
  • Corn steep liquor 30/40ml:Corn steep liquor derived from the maceration of the corn from which this product is extracted: an additive rich in fermentation-derived enzymes and rich in amino acids, sugars and vitamins; also soluble in cold water with a protein value around 50% and fat-free. An irreplaceable additive in winter suitable for both the manufacture of boilies and as a base for bait soaks for primers, stick mixes and pellets.
  • Betaine hcl 10gr: Essential amino acid for carp and excellent ally for cold-water bait making.
  • Fine salt 7gr:This simple product should never be missing from a good self-maker's recipes.
  • Mystery spice aroma 10ml:Our spicy aroma. The result of three years of laboratory research and intensive peach testing to arrive at this product, a blend on multiple glycol/alcohol/olii solvents with an intense scent of sweet spices and a slightly spicy taste, it is a unique product. Great all year round, truly an essential ally in winter sessions. Recommended dosage: 3-6ml per 500 gr./mix.
  • Nhdc sinergy 7ml:The sweetener in this recipe is included in a medium-high amount simply because in the final bait you want to promote the sweet taste since in our X-spice mix there are also sweetish-tasting spices.
  • Of course, the dosage is not binding and can be changed.

This recipe is a great example of how to best use our X-spice mix but, you can find more on the product guide.

For those who are not able to make their own boilies at home, they can rely on the "Elitè" boilies line and in detail on our INFINITY SPICE, a bait made following this recipe.

Daniele Annovi
Team Molino Zombini!

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