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Carp fishing in November

October is now behind us: a multitude of yellowing leaves fall from plants, temperatures drop and aquatic life begins to change.

01 November 2022

Particular importance now should be given to the weather: if in front of us a week of high pressure is ahead, we can well hope for the organization of a session in the coming weekend.
In case, the first morning frosts show up, the fishing may not go as hoped because this is the first real signal that carp learn, pulling a real metabolic brake.
Now, being us optimistic fishermen, we consider going fishing with high pressure forgetting at least for the moment the first frosts that will surely visit us next month.

Carp at the moment are still searching for food and also this month we have to aim for baits with high nutritional value giving more attention to digestibility. Yes, because, in case in the middle of our "optimistic" baiting campaign, the weather should change leading us to lower temperatures, the carp, may decide to slow down or even temporarily stop their regular feeding activity.

To which bait should we entrust our fate?

A fish-flavored D-red mix might be the best choice.
This month, therefore, we examine the NORTH SEA flavor starting from the premise that calling it a "flavor" is somewhat reductive. Here we are faced with a complete product capable of imparting real fish aroma and taste to the finished bait: an additive that encompasses multiple ingredients including a cold extract of salmon, a source of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, a very long chain cataloged as among one of the best natural apetizers in existence.

Another key ingredient of NORTH SEA is the singular aroma to marinated smoked salmon with a persistent and lasting scent with excellent cooking stability, which is no small thing on fish flavors.

We have also customized our product by inserting a mixture of spices in oil that gives it an extra edge both aromatically and in terms of taste.

Not content with this, we have added our taste enhancer to emphasize its characteristics even more: a truly singular "aroma" to fish that, according to our statistics, has, more than others, given important catches to many fishermen who have already tried it.

Below is a recipe that we have been using for years where the full potential of this product is exploited:

  • D-red mix 1000gr: high nutritional value mix with protein around 43% well-balanced fat and excellent digestive and taste properties.
  • Amino complex liquid 30/40ml: our well-balanced free amino acid supplement, does not alter the taste profile of the finished bait and, another key thing, is thermostable.
  • Betaine hcl 10gr: an essential amino acid for carp and an excellent ally in cold-water bait making.
  • Fine salt 8gr: this simple product should never be missing from a good self-maker's recipes.
  • North Sea Flavor 10ml: the product of the month.
  • Nhdc synergy 4ml: the sweetener in fish baits could also be avoided, but, it serves to cover the multiple bitter aftertastes of some fish flours and thus have a balanced taste on the final bait.

For those who are not able to make their own boilies at home, they can rely on the Elitè boilies line andin detail the RED MONSTER, a bait made following this recipe.

See you next time from the Molino Zombini team!

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