Peanut Flour

Molino Zombini

Flour that gives boiles a very strong taste and is mainly used in birdfood mixes.

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Flour that gives boilies a very strong taste and as with American peanuts where it comes from one pulls the other, it is mainly used in birdfood mixes. It's suitable for fishing all small-to-medium sized fish because of its low nutritional value, due to its ease of dispersion è used for half-bottom and surface baits. It's rich in amino acids of interest to carp, very well balanced with each other, likes a lot immediately, medium digestibility;. Its shelf life is short given the oils in which it è rich.

Huge hit in the warm seasons and during autumn. It is stored in the dark and in a cool place.

Protein 40%, Fat 50%, Carbohydrates 9%

Recommended dose 10/20%.

Warning: this product è suitable only and exclusively for sport fishing, not suitable for human use.




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Peanut flours are perfect for fishing: whether animal or vegetable, every angler also has his or her favorites based on the prey he or she wants to catch. In particular, peanut flour is among the commercially available flours that carpists use most in their fishing sessions because it is a very tasty and oily food that carp are very fond of. Peanut meal is obtained by grinding peanuts, which are previously roasted so as to decrease the oils naturally contained within them. The roasting process increases the water-absorbing and odor-attracting capacity of the final product, this allows better preservation of the product.

Peanuts were already being used by early carp fishermen, even before boilies: they were one of the ingredients that dominated English lakes dedicated to carpfishing, but around the 1970s they fell into disuse. Most of the compounds derived from peanuts contained a toxin (flatotoxin) that caused the death of many carp in those years: the peanuts that were used to create the compounds, because they were intended for animal and not human use, were poorly preserved and were not roasted causing bacteria to grow inside them. Today the use of peanuts in carpfishing is again widespread, as are the various products derived from them: the peanuts used for fishing are roasted and subjected to ultraviolet rays to prevent the appearance of bacteria.


The Nutty mix originated in the 1990s and is still used a lot today in short term feeding. It is a very effective compound from spring until late fall: carp seek it out in the warm seasons for more energy or, being rich in fat and nutrients, close to the cold seasons they seek it out to stock up on fat in preparation for winter. The main ingredient in nutty mix is peanut flour, but other fatty flours, such as almond or chestnut flour, can also be used. The base of the nutty mix is birdfood, in a dosage of 20\30% and preferably micronized so as to better handle the nutty ingredient, which by nature is unbinding.

You can also use peanut seeds for baiting as they are very attractive and greedy, but they must be well dosed as they are also very satiating. If the seeds are poorly dosed, the risk is to attract many carp and satiate them with the consequence that, when fishing, they will be inactive and unwilling to be caught. To avoid this problem, peanut seeds are used in small doses in short term feeding together with flour, so the mixture will be very gluttonous without satiating the carp.



100% organic peanut butter can be considered a liquid food, despite its density. We can use peanut butter with eggs, like any liquid food, or, if you want to make something fancier you can combine it with flours. You can use a small part of peanut flour mixed with a few ml of peanut butter, all combined with flours with a fresher taste such as fruit flours: you will get a very mouthwatering and tantalizing mixture, but at the same time fresh and tasty.


Peanut butter is a very interesting product from a nutritional point of view and is recommended during periods when fish need to gain weight, so from late summer to early winter. It can be used as bait in winter as carp are looking for fat, but be careful not to saturate the area because it may over-satiate the carp by distracting them from the terminal bait.


Carp are very gluttonous animals, and to win their palate, tasty foods must be used:boilesparticularlyspicyare suitable for stimulating the carp's appetite,fish-flavoredboiles often prove to be higher in fat, whilefruity-flavoredboilesgenerally stand out for a higher sugar content.

To create tasty boiles we suggest a recipe based on peanuts and banana: a very sweet and nutritious mix to create boiles that play on the sweet contrast of banana and the salty of peanuts.

  • 300 g wheat semolina
  • 250 g cornmeal
  • 150 g roasted peanut flour
  • 100 g roasted soybean flour
  • 150 g lupine flour
  • 10 g salt
  • 5 ml banana flavor
  • 10 eggs

Banana and peanut-based boiles are perfect in spring and fall, so as to ensure the right nutrients before and after the cold season: winter is a time when food is harder to come by due to freezing temperatures.

You can also create peanut boiles with a crunchy note given by the hazelnut grits:

  • 200gr semolina
  • 200gr cornmeal
  • 200gr mash
  • 200gr soybean micro
  • 100gr milk flour
  • 100gr peanut flour
  • 50gr hazelnut grits
  • Scopex flavor

The hazelnut grain inside the boiles makes the bait much tastier and more inviting.

If you have any further doubts, or if you are looking for some tips for your recipes, please do not hesitate to contact us: Molino Zombini is always available to help you choose the perfect ingredients for your fishing.

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