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Jumbo tiger nuts are larger than classic tiger nuts and are an alternative to classic boiles.

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Thetiger nuts jumboare larger than the classic tiger nuts and,during acarpfishing session,are a’more’effective alternative to the classicboiles. These tubers drive our carp friends crazy, moreover,being rich in protein they are excellent supplements for their nutrition.

Generally used as agrass, but they can also be crushed and used inpaste.

The tiger nuts jumbo are at their best during extended fishing sessions typical of the summer season, although they can be safely used throughout the year.




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Warning: this product è suitable only and exclusively for sport fishing, not suitable for human use.

Tiger how and why to use them

I think two out of three carp anglers have used Tigers at least once in their fishing career. Most of them use it to be able to fish even in the presence of nuisance fish, shrimp or turtles. Many use it successfully and just as many wonder why this peanut is often so devastating in fishing, so I would like to try to give some answers...

Originally from Spain, this tuber is used in the food sector for the production of Horchata, i.e., a homemade beverage sold packaged in supermarkets and in great demand in bars on hot summer days as it seems to be refreshing and rejuvenating when served chilled.

Analyzing the "chufa" as it is called, from the nutritional point of view we will realize that it is not then such a high-performing food indeed other grains used in fishing certainly have a higher biological value. In the analytical contents per 100gr of product we find the presence of proteins equal to 4-5%, a 22-24% of fat however with a good content of sugars about 50%. These sugars during cooking are released, giving a sweetish taste that carp particularly like.

The preparation is very simple, we have three stages as with all grains, soaking in water for fermentation which can vary from 2 to 5 days with or without supplementation of classic sugar or fructose and/or fine salt. We then have the cooking with an average time of 45min from boiling and the resting phase in which the release from the tubers of the substances mainly sugars and starches will become a sticky gelatinous substance, the latter probably the reason for the fishing performance of this product.

Now as for the correct use of tiger well, we have to make some considerations first... Carp when feeding on this peanut cannot fragment 100% because of its compactness, in fact most of the time they are assimilated and then expelled in the chopped feces. It goes without saying that massive baiting with this bait does not make much sense, better to dose its use. I have personally for years and with success included them in a mixture with other grains such as: corn, tiger, hemp, chickpeas, peas, broad beans and sometimes peanuts. The mixture of more grits for at least two reasons, firstly in this way we will have a more balanced mass nutritional value, also the tigers will help to keep a body of water pastured for longer since they will never be digested in their entirety anyway and will be expelled still edible by carp.

As far as pasturing is concerned many know it, others less so, grains are the baits that of all are most easily accepted by carp so long pasturing campaigns will not be necessary.

For the real session we can also rely on the use of method, maybe adding a good amount of tiger flour inside them like a 15/20% and in the kneading phase we could insert some mixed grains and maybe some natural tiger extract.

In this way we could create balls of bait to be cast a good distance and create a bed of bait where in no time the microparticles released from the method along with the sugars from the mixed grains will create an irresistible attractive trail.

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